Our www.theessayclub.com Objectives

  • A commitment to clients and belief in our service quality standards. In this, we will strive that all our clients are satisfied with our service deliveries.
  • Personal day-to-day involvement in the time4learning mobile management of the company
  • Establishing, implementing and maintaining financial systems and controls on the aimed at ensuring that the business achieves optimum financial security and financial capacity to operate the business as well as supporting any borrowing costs associated with the business.
  • A willingness on the part of both management and staff to adhere to established concept guidelines and procedure.


1.2       Vision

Our vision is to Deliver the best possible products and in the industry, through quality and cost-effective services and become the most reliable Company in the Market.


  • Mission

Our mission to: –

  • Deliver any service to the market at cost effective prices,
  • Uphold the standards of operation as set in the market.
  • Using the latest technology and capable resources to meet our clients’ deadlines is our primary mission